Creating A Working Schedule For Online Supplemental Education

Posted on: 8 March 2023

With so many schools shifting to online learning and supplemental education, it can be difficult to keep your kid on track. To help them structure their day, you need to create a working schedule that takes into account their educational needs as well as their physical and mental health.

This article explores a few tips on effectively creating a working schedule for your child. To learn more about online supplemental education, reach out to a service provider in your state.

Set Time Limits

Time limits are key when creating an effective working schedule. It's important to set realistic expectations for the amount of time your child should spend studying each day and how they should take breaks in between.

If your child is having difficulty with this plan or has trouble sticking to it, try using timers or other visual aids that can help them understand how long they have before taking a break. 

You can also find tools online that allow you to set up reminders throughout the day of when it's time for a break or when it's time to start studying again. These tools are especially useful for kids who have difficulty remembering when to switch tasks.

Encourage Frequent Breaks

Just like adults need breaks from work, children need breaks from schoolwork too. Encouraging your child to take regular breaks will not only give them time away from their studies but also allow them time to take care of themselves — especially if they are attending full-time virtual classes.

During these breaks, encourage them to do activities such as going outside for fresh air, doing a few stretching exercises, or even just taking a few minutes for self-reflection. This will not only help them stay focused throughout the day but also improve their mental and physical health.

And since supplemental education is often done independently, taking regular breaks can also help your child stay motivated and productive.

Monitor Progress

Finally, one of the best ways to create an effective study schedule is by monitoring your child's weekly progress. Make sure they stay on top of their assignments and do not procrastinate (which can be easy when everything is done online).

If you notice that they struggle with certain subjects or tasks, talk to your supplemental tutor about how to better approach a lesson. This can help you and your tutor come up with an action plan on how best to tackle the material and ensure that your child gets the most out of their studies. It's better that they get ahead now than fall behind later on.