Selecting The Right School For Your Child

Posted on: 9 August 2018

Not every child will do well in the same school environment and for some kids, a more focused, one on one approach is better for them. It can leave the parent to make some tough decisions about whether or not their child needs something extra or not. Making the decision to move your child into a private school is a big one with a lot of things you need to consider before you make the final decision.

Class Sizes And Your Child's Needs

One of the things you might want to look at with any private school is the class sizes your child will be dealing with. In many private schools, the classes are smaller and the child can expect to have more attention when they need it. In the public school system, the resources are stretched too thin and it leaves the teacher having to deal with too many children at the same time. The cost to this is that the education, while it is not the fault of the teacher, is lower or fails. Not all children need the directed attention, but if yours does, a private school offers them a better chance of getting it.

Educational And Religious Philosophy

Another reason people sometimes turn to a private school is to educate their children in a specific manner and to integrate their religious beliefs into the education. Parents will often put the kids in a school that aligns with their beliefs so there is no question as to what the kids are going to be exposed to or taught. For some people, this is a matter of creating a whole life balance for the child and teaching them how to include their beliefs and values into their entire life. While this philosophy can change from school to school, it is important that you find the one that best fits you and your beliefs if this is a criteria you are considering.

Cost Involved

One thing that can be a hurdle for some families wanting to send their children to a private school is the cost. The tuition is sometimes very steep but you have to remember that these schools are not funding by taxes and the only way they can operate is on tuition and donations that come in. Some schools do offer a limited number of scholarships but they are very hard to qualify for and there are often only a few with many students competing for them. If you are trying to get a scholarship, it is in your best interest to get the information for the application early and make sure you understand everything they are looking for. Meeting the guidelines from an income level is only part of the process for most schools so be ready to invest a little time in the process if you are going this route.