Help Yourself To Four Categories Of Self-Help Videos!

Posted on: 24 May 2018

Self-help, in the most literal sense, is helping yourself do something or accomplish something. You are not seeking someone else's help, because you want to do it, well, yourself. Yet, millions of people seek out self-help books and videos every day.

These self-help items are, oddly enough, someone else telling you or advising you on how to help yourself. You buy the videos from the self-help gurus, and then you watch them to learn how to help yourself. It is a funny circle, but self-help videos do get results. If you are not sure what kind of self-help you need, here are four categories of help that are addressed in the majority of most of these videos.

Losing Weight and/or Fitness

This category of self-help is a billion-dollar a year industry. It is based on the human need to exercise and the human distaste for exercising in the presence of others. However, health, exercise, and fitness videos really do work, if you are willing to commit to getting fit and healthy.


People always want the easy way out. They want the quickest route success and wealth, too. In general, people are unmotivated by the fact that something is hard, but they must do it to succeed. It is a very discomforting feeling. For that reason, motivational videos exist to push you toward what you want, what you hope to accomplish, and the success you crave, all of which you are too unmotivated to go get.

Success in a Particular Business Area

Success is that elusive mistress everyone continues to chase. How do the successful finally capture their success, and how do the unsuccessful get the same level of success? It starts with choosing a business or career venture. Self-help videos exist on hundreds of topics related to success. Almost all of these are focused on success in some area, such as selling real estate, installing technology, professional car racing, etc..


Your heart hurts. You have emotional baggage. Your soul is bleeding. You suffer from trauma. Whatever your damage is, there are self-help videos for healing, too. Who needs a therapist or a psychiatrist when you can treat your emotional or psychological hurts yourself? (Well, actually, it is well-advised that you see a professional when you need one, but if you cannot, these videos are the next best thing.) People with zero health insurance can benefit from watching healing videos instead of talking to a professional.

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