Prepping Your Tot For Preschool

Posted on: 15 November 2017

As an older toddler's parent, much of your day is likely spent chasing your small child around the house and being entertained by everything they do and say. As they start to express more interest in other children and can sit patiently for a few books each day, you might decide that preschool is a possibility. The transition can be tricker than expected; some children end up crying during the first few days, and adjusting to the different environment is challenging at times. The transition tips below could encourage your child to get acclimated more easily.

Visit Beforehand

Showing up at an unfamiliar, big building and being left there alone isn't a fun prospect for anyone, much less a small child. If you want to decrease their stress level about preschool, it's best if you can slowly introduce your child to the place and people. For a few weeks, drop by the building. Peek into the office. Watch a class in action. The school and all its activities might interest your child when they aren't dealing with the anxiety of being left there. If they're up to it, you may allow them to sit in for singing or reading time as you stand outside. Small forays into preschool life can make later attendance easier.

Adjust to a Schedule

On one of your visits, pick up a tentative schedule of the day's activities. This isn't to impress your child with all the things they will do, although you can share that information; the schedule is for you. Do whatever you can to start working elements of the class schedule into your own daily regiment. For example, if your child naps before lunchtime and their class will be napping after lunch, that's an easy switch to make. If your child adjusts to a schedule in line with the preschool's, the experience will be less jarring and more familiar.

Be Strong

Your personal feelings about your child's aging and school adventure are valid. However, they need to be kept in check around your child. Any crying or nervous behavior from you could be interpreted incorrectly by your small child, and they might become resistant to preschool. Be strong and positive when dropping them at the classroom door; encourage them to be the same. 

Your child's preschool days can be filled with laughter and happiness from the start if you help them. For more advice, talk for a few minutes with their new teacher or visit websites like