Four Additions To A Montessori Art Corner For The Creative Child

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Being hands on is one of the cornerstones of Montessori learning. Self-directional learning is important in the Montessori methods, as children should be free to explore and get hands-on in their lessons. If you have a child who enjoys being creative, you will need some Montessori materials at home to aid them in expressing their creativity. Here are some materials that you should sit inside of your child's home art corner when you want to encourage your child's creativity:

Color tablets for painting

Color tablets are one of the easiest ways to make paints for your Montessori painting area. These paints should be free of any toxins and can be used for finger dipping or using a paintbrush to make your favorite. Get color tablets in the primary colors and allow your child to mix and match to make the right colors will promote learning and creativity on their own. Be sure that you have a dry, cool space to store the tablets so that they do not run nor melt later on. 

Empty boxes

Empty boxes may not seem like something that you need, but these make for perfect additions to the art corner. Boxes that are plain give your child a surface to paint on and boxes to restructure into their own art projects. Use boxes to help create dioramas for school depicting scenes from their favorite book or other historical scenes that are currently being studied in school. The boxes can also be taken apart and used to create pop-up photographs. 

Textile samples

Textiles are easy to get your hands on, as most people have fabric available in their home or have fabric stores in their town. Textiles are excellent for taking apart and putting together. Textiles can be used to outfit cardboard dolls and they can be used to paint on or create scenes themselves. Cutting textiles can also help older children to add texture to their portraits and other pieces of artwork. 

Zen sand garden

Some children enjoy peaceful activities that tend to calm them down rather than exciting creativity. A zen sand garden is a unique addition to your Montessori art corner for the calming and spiritually sound child. Creating sand symbols and rock formations, then calmly raking through the sand is a renewing activity that is perfect for meditation. If spirituality or meditation is important in your home, a zen garden belongs in your art room corner.