Finding An Overnight Summer Camp: Three Pointers

Posted on: 2 August 2017

For those who have experienced them, attending an overnight camp can be life-changing in a positive way. If you're hoping to give your child a fantastic experience through such a place, you just have to do some investigation to ensure that the place you choose will offer your child all the wonder and fun you're expecting. These pointers are helpful during your search process.

Look at a Sample Schedule

Every overnight camp is packed full of exploration and activity. You have to ensure that there are activities that your own child will respond to and be eager to attend. For example, if you know your child isn't fond of swimming or lakes, you might think twice about sending them to a camp located on a lake which has daily swim requirements.

As importantly, you need to look for free, unscheduled play time. This is an easy activity to overlook, but your child will benefit from having unstructured time to talk with cabin-mates, make new friends or just soak in the environment without having to do anything else. Free time will give your child an opportunity to make decisions about their time and you might be surprised and delighted to hear what they choose to do with it.

Find Out About Director and Counselor Experience

The adults who live with your child during their overnight camping experience have a lot to do with how much your child will enjoy it. You should find out about the camp director's camping experience and learn what you can about how counselors are hired and what kind of training they go through. Being able to trust that your child is in the hand of competent, experienced individuals is important if you want them to have a great time.

Ask About Bathrooms

One of the issues that is important to campers is knowing where the bathroom is. Older style camps and cabins are likely to have a single bathhouse for each gender, which works well for many, but some kids are rather uncomfortable having to take the walk over, especially when the weather isn't very good. Newer and remodeled camps tend to offer cabins that have individual areas to shower and go to the toilet.

An overnight summer camp can be a singular experience in the life of your child if you choose the right camp. Discuss various places with your child and visit as many camps as possible, such as Learning Tree Schools, before making the final decision.